A Trip to Sydney University, Australia
Are you planning a tour to the University of Sydney? Also known as Sydney University, it was founded in 1850, making it one of the oldest Australian universities. It's one of the largest Australian universities with over 50,000 students. Back then, it was called Sydney College. It became a university in 1850 due to the efforts of William Wentworth. Seven years later, Queen Victoria awarded it a Royal Charter, and it became part of the UK's group of universities. When travelling to Australia as a foreigner, you first need to apply for an Australian visa.

How to Apply for an ETA Australia visa

An Electronic Travel Authority (ETA) is an authorisation that allows you to travel to Australia. Whether you're visiting as a tourist or for business purposes, you need a valid travel visa. ETA Australian is usually valid for one year, and you can have a maximum stay of three months, for every trip. One of the best ways to apply for an ETA Australia online is through Australia-Eta.com website. The application process is simple and straightforward. For you to be eligible for an Australian tourist or business visa, you need to have a valid passport. When requesting for the document, you must not be within Australia boundaries. Also, you must pass clinical check-up, showing that you're not ailing of tuberculosis. With a tourist Australian ETA visa, you can visit your friend, family, or enrol to short courses with a study duration of than three months. A business visa will allow you to conduct market research or attend business seminars or conferences.

How to Travel to Sydney University

After your application in Australia-Eta.com is approved, you'll receive the Australian ETA conditions and a hard copy of your visa. Thus, you can travel to the University of Sydney and other famous places in the city with ease. Foreigners visiting Sydney University can use Kingsford Smith International Airport. Once you arrive, you can travel using the city's widespread public transport system. You can also prefer car hire which is fast and often necessary. The roads are excellent, and parking is available throughout the city. However, parking places in the university are limited. Those without parking permits can buy a parking ticket from the Pay and Display services. Travellers who wish to travel beyond the city limits can use the CityRail. Boarding a bus is as well a great way to tour Sydney city. Buses are widely available with bus stops scattered all over the city centre and in the famous tourist attraction sites. Tickets are usually discounted during the evening hours. Tourists desiring for a private and a comfortable journey can hire a taxi. Cabs are located near Kingsford Smith Airport and around CityRail stations.

Tourist Attractions Near Sydney University

Sydney is among the oldest, biggest and beautiful cities in Australia. It lies amidst the sea and attractive intermingling coastlines. You can explore the city's historical buildings and excellent museums. Sydney Opera House is among the best places you should visit. The building is shaped like billowing sails or shells. The structure encompasses outstanding theatres, exhibition rooms, and studios. Snap a picture while sailing on the harbour cruise or relax in beautiful restaurants. Another excellent tourist attraction site is Sydney Harbor Bridge. The landmark was built in 1932, and it's one of the world's largest steel arch bridge. It's 134 meters above the sea, connecting the south shores and the harbour's north. Sydney is also famous for its iconic beaches such as Bondi Beach, Cronulla, and Tamarama. The city has plenty of open places and excellent access to waterways. It has many gardens where you can spend a comfortable afternoon walks at Hyde Park or the Royal Botanic Gardens.

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